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Infused Joints: 3 Methods to Create the Best Pre-Rolls

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will revolutionize your cannabis experience? Dive into the world of cannabis innovation with us as we explore the latest trend – infused joints! Today’s adventure is not just about consumption; it’s about learning how to personalize, customize, and create a cannabis experience tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

Get ready to amplify your high and learn how to create personalized joints that dare to go beyond the ordinary. It’s time to revolutionize the way you view infused joints, and we’re thrilled to guide you through every step of this exciting adventure!

What Is a Joint?

A cannabis joint is a machine or hand-rolled cylinder containing finely ground cannabis flower. Also known as a “spliff” or “doobie,” a joint is an inexpensive and popular way to consume marijuana. Smoking a joint is a great way to reap the therapeutic and recreational benefits of cannabis.

Joints are commonly rolled using rectangular rolling papers or a rolling machine. Those who are not as dextrous may prefer to pack their joints using pre-rolled cones. Whether you prefer classic rolling papers or the convenience of cones – there is a wide variety of materials, sizes, and even flavours to choose from on the market.

What is an infused joint

What Is a Pre-Roll?

Pre-rolls, short for pre-rolled joints, are ready-to-smoke cannabis joints. Crafted with precision, they offer convenience and consistency in every toke.

Available in a wide variety of strains and sizes, pre-rolls cater to both novices and seasoned smokers, providing a hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis without the need for rolling skills or complicated setups. They are available at nearly every dispensary or cannabis retailer.

Whether you’re seeking a quick solo session or you’re preparing to share with friends, pre-rolls are the go-to choice for anyone seeking an easy and enjoyable cannabis experience.

What Are Infused Joints or Infused Pre-Rolls?

An infused joint, often referred to as an infused pre-roll, takes the traditional joint to new levels by incorporating cannabis concentrates such as oil, hash, rosin or kief into the joint. Their rise in popularity is due to the versatility of these concentrates, which can either be rolled inside the joint, coat the outside paper, or both! Combining these two methods results in a highly potent infused pre-roll that promises an enhanced and prolonged high.

While you can purchase pre-made infused pre-rolls or joints, many of our cannabis enthusiasts prefer to roll their own. Infusing your own joints allows you to remain in full control of the strain, potency, and quality of concentrate used.

Exploring the world of infused joints is not just about chasing a more potent high but about personalization and customization. It’s an art that combines the intricacies of rolling with the science of cannabis concentrates, providing enthusiasts with an ultra-personal consumption method.

Whether you’re seeking a potent and fast-acting high or a milder, more drawn-out experience, infused joints are the ideal vessel for crafting your perfect cannabis moment.

Infused joints coated in THC distillate

The Unique Appeal of Infused Pre-Rolls

Why choose infused pre-rolls over traditional joints? Infused pre-rolls cater to stoners seeking a more robust experience and those with a high tolerance. They have become a favourite among seasoned smokers looking to extend and intensify their highs.

Moreover, they’re a convenient option for dab enthusiasts on the go – portable, enhanced highs without the need for a rig setup or cleaning.

Person smoking Infused joint

The portability factor is a noteworthy feature. Due to their small size and convenience, you can carry a few infused pre-rolls anywhere you travel. There is no need for additional equipment or intricate preparations. It’s a game-changer for those who like to enjoy their cannabis in various settings.

Choosing Your Infusion

A wide variety of THC concentrates can be used to create an infused joint. Each concentrate introduces a unique flavour profile and set of effects. This diversity allows enthusiasts to become cannabis artisans, experimenting with different methods, strains, and concentrations to craft their perfect joint.

Cannabis concentrates for Infused joints

Distillate: THC distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract, well-known for its purity and potency. The distillation process eliminates impurities, resulting in a highly versatile and concentrated oil.

Hash: Hash is a cannabis concentrate created by extracting resin from the plant’s trichomes and pressing it into a cannabinoid-rich block. The result is a potent and versatile substance that can be consumed in a variety of ways.

Kief: Kief consists of the resinous trichomes found on cannabis flowers. It is usually collected by grinding or sifting dried flower. It is prized for its concentrated THC content, making it a popular choice for enhancing joints or bowls.

Live Resin: Live resin is a cannabis concentrate produced by freezing freshly harvested plants, preserving the plant’s natural terpenes and flavours. This results in an extract that is celebrated for its richness and potency.

While hash, distillate, and kief are commonly used in pre-rolls, the options are endless. Distillate, oil, or resin can be warmed and used to coat the outside of the pre-roll. Rolling each joint in kief afterward, while optional, is a popular finishing touch, resulting in a stronger joint that doesn’t adhere to surfaces. It is a great way to further enhance your high if you are an experienced smoker.

Guide to Crafting Infused Joints

Interested in creating your own infused joints? It’s easier than you might think. Get started with one of our Mix & Match deals, hash, an Elements THC Distillate Syringe, kief, and some rolling papers.

While more experienced users can roll their infused joint the old-fashioned way, beginners may find it easier to create a cone out of the rolling paper to fill with their flower and concentrates. We recommend using a roach, as it makes it easier to tap down the flower and concentrate mixture with the cone method.

Infused joints with cannabis concentrates

For the ultimate high, mix hash and/or distillate directly into the ground cannabis before rolling the joint.

If you are using rolling papers, you may find it easier to sprinkle or squeeze a line of your concentrate of choice on top of the flower before rolling. If you prefer to use a pre-rolled cone, we recommend mixing your concentrate in evenly while filling your cone for a more consistent high.

Warm the distillate with a hair dryer or by gently rolling the syringe back and forth between your palms. Apply a thin coat of distillate to each joint before rolling in kief. It’s crucial to be mindful of the amount of distillate used, as a thicker layer will result in a more potent high.

Lazy Stoner Method: Infused Joints Made Easy

If the above method sounds too time-consuming or you’re new to the world of smoking, consider using our alternative method:

Start by purchasing a package of pre-rolls. Enhance them yourself by coating the outside of each joint with a thin layer of distillate. How much distillate is up to you, but keep in mind using a thicker layer will result in a more intense high.

Finish the process by carefully rolling each joint in kief. We suggest utilizing a rolling tray to reduce any potential messes during this process. This will further enhance your high and reduce the tackiness of the distillate.

This approach is a quick and efficient way to craft an infused pre-roll. It is also a great way to test the waters for those new to the world of infused joints, as this method will not result in joints as potent as ones rolled and coated in concentrates.

Infused joints

How to Store Infused Joints

Proper storage is key if you’re looking to preserve the potency and quality of your infused joints.

The best way to store your infused pre-rolls, whether they be store-bought or homemade, is in an airtight container. We suggest a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid or specialized joint tube to shield your pre-rolls from air and humidity.

Store the container in a cool, dark place to preserve the potency of the cannabis and prevent degradation.

Serious connoisseurs may consider adding a Boveda humidity control packet to maintain an optimal moisture level and prevent the joints from becoming too dry or overly moist.

Storing Infused Pre-Rolls with Boveda

By following these storage practices, you can preserve the flavour and potency of your infused joints and protect them from premature degradation.

Infused Pre-Rolls: An Elevated Cannabis Experience

In conclusion, infused joints stand out as a new way to elevate your cannabis experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a beginner, these powerful pre-rolls offer a potent and personalized high. The world of infused joints invites you to experiment with different concentrations, strains, and methods to find your perfect joint.

Why wait? Step into the future of cannabis with infused joints and take your experience from ordinary to extraordinary! Infused pre-rolls are more than just a trend – they’re a gateway to a more potent and tailored cannabis experience. Trust in the journey, trust in the high, and trust in the quality we bring to cannabis exploration.


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